Frisco School of Music  ·  9255 Preston Road · Frisco, TX 75033  ·  214-436-4058 Guitar Lesson FAQs Q: What is a good age to start private guitar or bass lessons? A: Our youngest beginners have been 6 years old for private lessons (parents stay in the lessons to make sure they can be helpful during home music time), and we recommend our Guitar Lab Classes starting at age 7. Of course, any time in elementary school through high school is fine and we have had adult beginners starting from scratch as well. Bass students usually start around 9 or 10 years old. Q: Do I need to have a guitar or bass to start? A: Yes. Students bring their instrument with them to the school for lessons, and of course will play and practice at home during the week.  We suggest an acoustic or classical guitar for young beginners, or bring your electric guitar or electric bass and rock out! Q: Will the teacher make me learn to read music…can't I just learn to play by ear? A: Playing by ear is great, and we also introduce students to the printed language of music. So, we do both. Teachers use a portion of each lesson for technique, music and notation reading along with playing to some favorite songs of the student's choice. We teach all styles of music from classical to jazz to rock and popular tunes. Q: Are there bands I can play with at your school? A: Yes! We have Rock School Bands and Jazz School Bands. Students are matched by age and ability level. The bands perform at different events throughout the year, on a professional stage with lights and sound, etc. Q: What if I do not like my teacher, or just do not like the instrument I have chosen? A: One of the benefits of taking lessons at our school is that we have several teachers on our Faculty in each department, and you can certainly change teachers if you wish. If you find out that your first choice of an instrument is just not for you, you can switch to another instrument or if you are not sure….enroll for our trial program called "Quick Start"- four lessons to check out the teacher and the program. 95% of the students who try a "Quick Start" series end up enrolling in yearly lessons. Q: How long will it take me to be able to play?? A: That varies from student to student and really depends on the individual and how much home playing and practicing they do. Playing is a physical skill so it does take repetition to improve. Typically if you start in August or September, you will be playing Christmas songs by December.  Most students take lessons for a minimum of one year, and of course some stay with lessons through high school and beyond. Our FRISCO location (Preston at Main Street) provides music lessons for our surrounding communities of Plano, Allen, McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Little Elm, The Colony and Dallas. Also available in Frisco: Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Voice Lessons, Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons, Drum Lessons, Flute Lessons, Trumpet Lessons, Rock School, Jazz School, and Classical School. Checkout our main website at